DVMP Pro is licensed for use on a specific number of computers. You will have chosen the number of computers that you want to use it on when you purchased your license. A new license comes with the first 12 months of support and program updates of version 6 of DVMP Pro - when the 12 months expires, a further support period can be purchased if further support and updates are required, but this is not mandatory.


To install DVMP Pro, simply follow the instructions in the email that you are sent when your license purchase is complete. Run the installer program on each computer that you are licensed to use. You must not attempt to install DVMP Pro on more computers than you are licensed for. If you wish to use it on more computers, then simply purchase another additional license for the required number of extra computers.


Remember to make a backup copy of the installer program and your license key (perhaps to a USB memory stick or recordable CD/DVD) so that you will have a safe copy stored away if your PC becomes faulty in the future. If you lose your backup copy, we can provide you with a new delivery link but ONLY if you are still within an active support period (a request for a new delivery link or licence key reminder counts as a request for support). We would therefore advise you to make more than one backup copy, to ensure that you will always be able to reinstall DVMP Pro quickly and easily whenever you need to from your backup.


The first time that you start up DVMP Pro on each licensed computer you will be prompted to enter your license key. This requires administrator privileges, so if you are presented with a UAC (User Account Control) box asking for permission to make changes to your computer you must give your permission (exactly as you do when installing software). It only uses administrator privileges while you enter the license key. Then just copy the license key from the email you received and paste it into the box on screen and click OK. If the correct license key is entered then DVMP Pro will start up normally from now on with normal privileges.


The program will then check for the presence of necessary video and audio decoders on your computer. Different decoders are needed for playing each video file type, and they are also needed for the Burn-in Timestamp and Burn-in Metadata tools. You may already have Intel or Microsoft decoders on your computer, and DVMP Pro will attempt to find and select the decoders automatically and store them in its settings for future use. It will display a message box telling you when a decoder has been selected and saved.


If an Intel or Microsoft decoder for a particular video file type can not be found on your computer, then an error message box will appear when you try to play a video file or use one of the tools that needs the decoder. You will then have to manually select a decoder from those that are already available on you computer, or you can download and install a third-party decoder yourself.


There are lots of decoders available from third-party suppliers (many of them are free of charge) and you should consult this list of recommended decoders before you choose to install any.


If you encounter any error messages about a decoder being missing or unavailable, then be sure to read the Decoders section. It will tell you which decoders are already supplied with each version of Microsoft Windows, and if you have to install a third-party decoder yourself it will give you some recommendations of which to choose.


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