Time Stamping Your Video Files



What's New in Version 6 of DVMP Pro

Here's a list of some of the main features and changes from the old version 5 to the new version 6:

  • .MP4 and .MOV video files from most digital cameras and smartphones are now supported for time-stamping, playback, and other tools.
  • There is now masses of searchable online help. There is more information about how time stamping works, what Decoders are and why they are needed, how the GPS mapping features work, what Metadata Sources are ...etc.
  • Most windows and message boxes now have a Help button that takes you straight to the relevant topic in the online help.
  • Metadata Sources - a new feature. DVMP Pro now works harder to find and extract the date and time of recording and other metadata items. Some cameras don't store this information in the video file, but in separate administrative files or file-headers. These separate storage places are called “Metadata Sources”. DVMP Pro will search several Metadata Sources to find the info and you can also choose specific Metadata Sources that you want to be used as a priority.
  • You can now Adjust the Date and Time for time stamping handy for when the camera's clock had been set incorrectly when the recording was made. You can independently add or subtract hours, mins, secs, days, months and years. The adjustment also affects other tools. The date and time displayed in the Player is also affected and a special plus-or-minus symbol alerts you to the fact that an adjustment has being made.
  • The Player has been completely re-written.
  • New Enhanced Video Renderer is now used by default.
  • Intel Quicksync hardware accelerated decoding/playback is now used if the Intel processor in your computer is QuickSync-capable (the majority of Intel-based PCs and laptops produced in the last few years are).
  • NVIDIA hardware accelerated playback is also available provided you have the popular third-party “LAV Filters” installed on your PC.
  • Seeking and frame-stepping in the player is now more responsive; and seeking is now done to any frame (not just I-frames).
  • A new “Display Map” add-on is now available which shows a interactive moving map that tracks the camera's position as the video plays (handy if you were recording from a moving vehicle for example). This only works for cameras that have built-in GPS receivers and store GPS data in their video files e.g. some AVCHD, some Sony HDD cameras, and Contour Plus. Some cameras like the iPhone only store a single GPS location per file and that is shown too. “Display Map” is not part of the core DVMP Pro product it is an add-on which is in beta and therefore is currently provided free of charge.
  • New dedicated Time Stamping tool “Burn-in Time Stamp”, so now it's even easier to time-stamp your files. It works the same as “Burn-in Metadata” except that the Date and Time items are selected automatically.
  • You can now choose to stamp the date and time (and other metadata) onto a solid rectangular background you may find this easier to read but more of the detail in the video frame is obscured.
  • You can now stamp your own Logo Image or any other image file in PNG, GIF, JPG or BMP format onto the video frames, with transparent areas (PNG and GIF only) and an overall transparency. Choose the size and location of the logo image.
  • You can now choose to resize time-stamped/burned-in output AVI files. Any height and width that is a multiple of 8 can be specified.
  • New MPG and MPG for DVD output file types for time stamping and burning in metadata. These store the video as MPEG-2 program stream files. You can choose the quality and resize the video. N.B.: These output types are only available on Windows Vista and Windows 7. They are also available on Windows 8 but only if you also have Microsoft's “Media Center“ add-on for Windows 8 if you don't have this add-on then these output types will not be available to you on Windows 8 or 8.1.
  • The Batch Processor now highlights each file as it is processed and gives a summary of files successfully processed and any that failed.
  • New Fix Aspect Ratio for MOD files tool. MOD video files can confuse some software which treats 16:9 (widescreen) files as 4:3 so that they appear horizontally squeezed. This tool fixes the aspect ratio information in the file so that other software will always recognize 16:9 and 4:3 files correctly.
  • ... and lots more minor tweaks.

New features from 6.0 to 6.3:

  • You can now get a time-stamped single frame image from anywhere in your video file. This is a real time saver if you just need a time-stamped image file for inclusion in a document or as an email attachment. You don't need to time-stamp the whole file, just drag the slider or frame-step until you see the frame you want then press Ctrl-S or Ctrl-C. For more details see Save Image or Copy Image to Clipboard.
  • Support in the Burn-in tools for Portrait Oriented Video that is created by some smartphones.
  • Support for the final retail version of Windows 10.
  • Improved accuracy of date and time display and time-stamping for MOV and MP4 files - e.g. files created by the latest iPhone. Previously, in files recorded by some cameras and smartphones the date and time was extracted in UTC (Greenwich Mean Time), so you had to use the Adjust Date and Time by feature to shift it to local time - that should no longer be necessary for files recorded by those cameras. Note that some devices that only store UTC time may still require use of the "Adjust Date and Time by" feature.
  • Support added for Sony's "XAVC S" format that is recorded into the MP4 file type.
  • Support added for "XDCAM-EX" format that is recorded into the MP4 file type.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

4K video (Ultra HD, 3840 x 2160) is NOT officially supported in the current version of DVMP Pro, but you might still be able to time-stamp your 4K video files - see the 4K Video help topic for more details!